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Letters - LDS deplores references to fake communiqué in its name |15 July 2021

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) deplores the publication of letters in the Seychelles NATION newspaper edition of July 13, 2021 which perpetrate the suggestion of an attempt by LDS to bully or intimidate a member of the National Assembly because of his link to the body representing the LGBTI community.

One letter signed as LGBTI refers to “a communique being circulated, allegedly from LDS (Linyon Demokratik Seselwa) against a member of the National Assembly”. This is after LDS had informed the chairperson of LGBTI association that the communiqué was a total fake and had categorically dissociated LDS from any views expressed in it. By using the word ‘allegedly’, the letter carries the suggestion that the communiqué may have been from LDS instead of pointing out that it was fake.

The other letter signed by Trevor Louise of the Stand Up, Step Up association also refers to the communiqué as if it was genuine when it is apparent that its real intention is to attack LDS.

It is irresponsible of the Seychelles NATION to publish these letters referring to what is a fake communiqué fabricated to cast doubt on the position and motives of LDS. This is clearly a ploy by political opponents of LDS to harm both the member of the National Assembly being referred to and LDS. The organisations concerned should have expressed their views without perpetrating the link to LDS.

LDS rejects the use of a fake communiqué as a guise for a political attack and protests the use of its name in referring to it.


Wavel Woodcock, press officer LDS


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