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US laments government’s decision in relation to Air Seychelles |16 June 2021

It is with much regret that the United Seychelles has learnt of the government’s inaction and continued procrastination in relation to the national airline, Air Seychelles Ltd.

US feels that the LDS government has once again proven its inability to tackle critical issues in a timely and effective manner.

US deplores such poor leadership and believes the decision comes in the wake of its live press conference last Friday, whereby US accused the government of dishonesty and lack of transparency in its intention to close down Air Seychelles International.

US firmly believes that the government failed to, once and for all, dismiss this unacceptable option, which is being promoted by certain staunch LDS stalwarts in the government for vested interests, only because the United Seychelles stated that the government had indeed the intention to close down HM international.

US feels that the government has not been genuine in finding solutions to the airline’s dilemma and that this was reflected in the appointment of a board which does not necessarily have the depth and knowledge needed to turn around an airline in crisis.

US strongly believes that the government should have made use of the dozens of Seychellois and/or foreign aviation specialists more suited for the job.

It further deplores the complete lack of transparency surrounding the IMF and World Bank Report regarding Air Seychelles.

US urges the government to make those reports available to the public as soon as possible.

US would once again like to reiterate that it is resolutely against the closure of HM international altogether as we believe that the regional model alongside charters is a viable option.

Furthermore, we feel that if HM were to lose its capability to fly internationally, restarting an international operation, if ever needed, will be at a colossal cost as was the case in 2012 when they returned all the B767s, cancelled the regional & international routes and charter operations of HM leaving it only with a domestic fleet.

Shutting down HM international will further be shattering the dreams of hundreds of current HM employees and youths aspiring, from an early age, to be part of the HM family.

It is indeed shameful the way pilots/ cabin crew and other staff are being ill-treated and that in itself is a safety issue as it impacts negatively on the mental health of HM staff.

The working environment at HM is presently toxic and unhealthy; indeed HM staff are living in uncertain times.

United Seychelles would like to remind the government that HM international is an insurance policy for a country like ours which is thousands of miles away from any other country and in the middle of a vast ocean. This has been clearly demonstrated in the way HM has ensured the provision of medicine, foods and the transportation of thousands of tourists to support the local economy during this covid-19 pandemic.

This obsession of winding down initiatives simply because they were the brainchild of President France Albert Rene, irrespective of their importance to the country, is irresponsible and is having serious detrimental effects not only on our economy but also the future of our citizens.

LDS must be reminded that it has been elected for a fixed term and such ridiculous decisions will impact all governments elected going forward.

The US Party is demanding that the President, once and for all, makes a clear and strong statement to say that HM international is here to stay.


Press release from United Seychelles

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