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United Seychelles reacts over situation at the mortuary |18 May 2021

“Following the scandalous circulation on social media of photos of dead bodies in the morgue, the United Seychelles has requested an urgent meeting of the National Assembly to discuss the matter with a view to improve the handling of dead bodies in this pandemic.

“This request has, once again, been categorically rejected by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Roger Mancienne.

“The United Seychelles strongly believes that guidelines should be put in place to uphold and protect the rights of the dead in view of the large number of deaths and the challenges in management of the bodies.

“The United Seychelles deplores the fact that bodies are being piled up in body bags in a refrigerated container.  The argument that the pathologist is sick does not absolve the Ministry of Health of its duty to treat the departed ones with dignity.

“We are, therefore, calling on the Ministry of Health to employ a locum consultant pathologist for the duration of the epidemic to clear the backlog.

“We further believe that in instances where family members cannot be present for the last rites, this can be performed by the local authority together with representatives of the church, taking into account all religious and cultural factors.

“The United Seychelles subscribes to the tenet that the prices of hearse should be subsidised by government to ensure speedy burial of loved ones.”


Press release from United Seychelles

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