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US honours pledge to give 1000 daily snack pack to school children in need |14 April 2021

US honours pledge to give 1000 daily snack pack to school children in need

The handover ceremony (Photo: Jude Morel)

United Seychelles (US) has honoured a pledge made recently to make available 1000 snack packs daily for school children in need.

The first batch of the donation was handed over to the Ministry of Education yesterday.

Representing the US in the small handover ceremony were its leader Patrick Herminie, US leader in the National Assembly Sebastien Pillay and other US officials. The Ministry of Education was represented by Minister Justin Valentin; the director general for Early Childhood Primary Education Cyril Pillay; principal secretary for Tertiary Education and Human Resource Development, Dr Linda Barallon, among other officials of the ministry.

Mr Herminie expressed his sincere thanks to the Ministry of Education for accepting this donation and the sponsors who made this donation possible.

He stated that the 1000 snack pack per day is not meant to replace the Dedicated Fund, but instead to help the less fortunate school children while the sandwiches and juices will be distributed in different schools to children who cannot afford a decent breakfast. This will ensure that they have sufficient energy to be as productive as possible.

He also asked that the ministry seriously considers setting up this breakfast fund in light of the good it will do for the vulnerable children of Seychelles, urging other organisations such as the National Council for Children to take the initiative and make their presence count.

Thanking United Seychelles for the generous act, Minister Valentin extended his thanks to all partners who believe in the ministry’s mottos ‘Promoting the aspiration of students’ and ‘Education is a shared responsibility’.

The minister stressed that the government will continuously work to ensure that no children are left behind.


Iza Amade

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