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LDS message for new year 2021 |04 January 2021

LDS message for new year 2021

Roger Mancienne

‘We look forward to celebrating 2021 as a year of achievement and success’


“On behalf of the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) executive council, our members of the National Assembly and our district representatives, I express the best wishes to the people of Seychelles for 2021.

“At the close of 2020, we are grateful that we are united and strong as a nation in the face of the difficulties that we have encountered. Although the year end remains clouded by the health emergency, we can celebrate what we have achieved in our personal goals, for our families and for our country.

“We thank everyone for the work they have done in whatever role or position they have, but especially our health professionals and those in the travel and tourism industry who continue to be in the front line of exposure to the risks.

“Many people have done great things to make 2020 a better year for others. It may be easy to forget all the good things that have happened but the lives that have been touched will remain better because of them.

“We renew our message of support and solidarity to everyone who has gone through pain and difficulties and all those facing hardship at this time.

“We enter the new year with the hope that we will overcome the dangers to our health and that we can devote our resources and efforts to rebuilding our economy. We pray for those who have to make the critical decisions to guide us through the difficult time ahead.

“We wish everyone a quick return to their normal activities of study, employment, business and all personal and social endeavours. We hope that we will strengthen the spirit of understanding and determination to work together to make our country the best that it can be for all our people.

“We look forward to celebrating 2021 as a year of achievement and success.”


Roger Mancienne

Party leader

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