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US protests detention of Seychellois citizen for social media post |24 December 2020

United Seychelles (US) has strongly protested the arrest and detention of a Seychellois citizen because of a post on social media.

“This action by the government is without precedence since the introduction of social media and especially within the last five years where private citizens have expressed themselves freely without fear,” notes a US communiqué.

“The Party believes the government’s action is excessive in relation to the alleged offence, which in its opinion does not in any way present a threat to national security,” the communiqué adds.

“United Seychelles is convinced that such an action by the government is an onslaught on the people’s freedom of expression and is against the spirit of our Constitution.

“To prevent the erosion of the hard-fought human rights of the Seychellois people, United Seychelles is bringing this matter to the attention of the Human Rights Commission, the Office of the Ombudsman and the International Organisation for Human Rights,” concludes the communiqué.


Communique from United Seychelles


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