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National Assembly election 2020 |12 October 2020

National Assembly election 2020

Mr Andre addressing the gathering during the meeting (Photos: Louis Toussaint)

Independent candidate for Beau Vallon shares his plans with constituents


Keith Andre, the independent candidate standing for the district of Beau Vallon for the forthcoming National Assembly election, on Saturday shared some of his plans for the district with voters if he gets elected.

According to Mr Andre the meeting was supposed to be a debate between him and his two opponents contesting the election - John Hoareau (Linyon Demokratik Sselwa) and Steven Rose (United Seychelles). However, the two opponents were not present at the meeting.

This, however, did not deter Mr Andre as he used this opportunity to reach out to his supporters who had showed up and hear their concerns as well as outline some of his main plans for the district if he is elected.

“I am disappointed that my two opponents failed to show up today. This would have been an opportunity to share our plans for Beau Vallon to our constituents,” said Mr Andre.

One point that the independent candidate touched on was road safety in some areas of the districts.

“It’s sad that there are areas in the district where the roads are not safe enough for pedestrians to walk on or even have street lights. There are many hotels which can contribute to their district through public private partnerships,” he said.

He also talked about the lack of walkways which causes a serious safety risks for not only the inhabitants of the district but the tourists who frequent the area.

Mr Andre also mentioned the lack of parking in the district especially in areas that are popular among locals and visitors.

“We need to reconnect with the people of our district, the teachers, retired sportsmen and elders. If I had the opportunity I would organise a cocktail where the youths and elders could interact with one another,” said the politician.

Mr Andre also talked about the fact that Beau Vallon does not have a playground which is a shame for the children of the districts as the only thing they can do is go on the beach where they are exposed to all sorts of influences.

“The politicians in the country are out of touch with their community; we need to remind them that it is the people who put them there and it is the people that will remove them if they are not doing their job,” he said.

Talking more about community development he said that citizens should be more engaged in the community, putting emphasis on the importance of family values.

He also touched on education and noted that teachers in government schools should be treated and paid better as this will lead to higher test scores as teachers will be more passionate about their jobs.

Mr Andre also said that parents should invest more in the education of their children and push them harder when it comes to their studies.

As a fisherman by trade, Mr Andre said that we have so much potential in fisheries that the government should focus on the industries in the marine sector that already exist.


Christophe Zialor

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