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LDS expresses solidarity with educators on Teachers’ Day |06 October 2020

The Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS), through its leader Roger Mancienne, has sent a message expressing the party’s solidarity with all educators on the occasion of Teachers’ Day 2020, celebrated yesterday, October 5.

The message reads:

“Whenever we reflect on the future of our country, we are reminded of how much rests on the work of educating our children and youth. All our vision, all the plans we make, rest on the task that we entrust to our teachers. Along with parents, they are the force that forms the character of our young and that guides them to acquire the capabilities that they need to shape the future.

“This reflection is especially meaningful at this time when we are preoccupied with the future of our country. There is no better message for this moment than our commitment towards education.

“Teaching is much more than just a job. It is a vocation that demands a lot from those engaged in it. It calls for a special character, and a spirit of service and dedication. Teachers are called upon to be many things to the young people they work with. They have to be guardians, friends, role models and leaders all at the same time. That is a lot to ask for.

“This message is a humble expression of the recognition that teachers deserve and also an expression of how much our society continues to expect of them.

“We express our gratitude to those who have served in this profession, those serving today, and also a special word of encouragement for those starting out in it. Finally, let us all honour the teachers who have been a part of our lives with a memory and a moment of appreciation.”


Roger Mancienne

LDS leader

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