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Face à Face with Kelly Samynadin and Dothy Valmont |10 August 2020

Face à Face with Kelly Samynadin and Dothy Valmont

Dothy Valmont (Left) and Kelly Samynadin

The presidential and legislative elections will be held at the same time this year to cut costs associated with holding two separate elections amid the economic challenges that Seychelles faces. This was proposed by President Danny Faure and later endorsed by the Electoral Commission. Since then all political parties are actively engaged on the field. Today, Seychelles NATION brings two people from different political grounds answering the same questions. We hope you enjoy the read…


Seychelles NATION: Who is Dothy Valmont?

Dothy Valmont: Dothy is a dedicated Seychellois whose efforts have been towards creating a better, sustainable and a more prosperous society. Dothy is someone who puts others first and her own self last, for I am a servant leader. My strengths are the people and the community whose welfare and wellbeing is my life blood. I believe that through efficiency, integrity and compassion, whatever the challenge might be, can be overcome. I am a believer and also a go getter, especially for the people and for the cause of the community.


Seychelles NATION: How do you see the reality of Seychelles at the moment?

Dothy Valmont: The reality of Seychelles is that of resilience and cooperation. The reality speaks of the Seychellois spirit to rise up to the challenges with openness, vigour and most importantly Hope. We have responded to a crisis such as the Covid better than many nations of the world. Observers from abroad have taken note of our response, our people, our government showed great maturity and adherence to the protocol to reduce what could otherwise have been a calamitous damage to our nation. Our reality is our resilient spirit that has always guided us towards progress and growth. This phase too shall pass but we can still rejoice about the things we did right, and indeed there is a list of a few things we do right, to protect our people, our countrymen, our senior citizens, our children and our collective future. I am a pragmatic, yet an optimist and a staunch believer in our nation's ethos, I see the reality as a ray of light that would only be illuminated further.


Seychelles NATION: What do you think should be done to change/improve the situation?

Dothy Valmont: While we have done much to improve and make rapid changes to the existing scenario, because in any society and in nation, the path to greatness is through change. I believe change should be transformative in nature that helps every single section of our society. We should bring about a change, such a change that brightens the future of our people, every single act of ours, everyday should be introspective in nature to help us create a more better present. I believe that change per se should be based on a consensus of all for a united Seychelles. Shedding aside differences of affiliations, we should together as people, with our representatives and our president as he leads us through what is one of the most challenging moments in our lives. We need to change ourselves towards being better participants in a united, common consensus based society. We can always pursue politics later on, but for now we should stand shoulder to shoulder supporting each other and our leader for a stronger partnership for welfare and collective wellbeing.


Seychelles NATION: Covid-19 brought a new reality for the world, do you think Seychelles as a country took the right decisions during this pandemic?

Dothy Valmont: Definitely, Seychelles took the right decisions and most importantly at the right times during the pandemic. Despite being a nation that is dependent on tourism, we had to pass through a phase of lockdown to protect our people from the virus. At times we need to make decisions that may have a temporary consequence but the same would ensure a futuristic happiness. We quarantined those who came from abroad, we conducted tests to present the spread, we contained the spread to the best of our ability at a time when some nations are witnessing community spread of the virus. Given the magnitude of casualties worldwide, and comparing with our figures, the numbers speak of the fact that the right decisions at the right time have helped to a great extent.


Seychelles NATION: As a young adult, what are your wishes for Seychelles?

Dothy Valmont: My wishes for Seychelles is simply that every single citizen of Seychelles leads a life of prosperity, happiness and success. Ours is a nation whose progress makes us proud, it is a result of the hard work of our beloved people and I hope that the same shall continue and I am certainly confident that it will. My wishes thus are for a Seychelles where we broaden the opportunities for all, equal participation of all genders in the workforce and in the fruits of growth and prosperity which I’m sure is already a work in progress. We are also striving towards self-sustenance in many spheres and over the next few years I am sure we would accomplish that cherished dream as well. This my own wish as I said earlier is secondary to the wishes that my fellow countrymen have for the nation, their vision, their hopes, their aspirations are mine, they are my mantra, they are my dictums, they are my objectives which I would work tirelessly to fulfill.



Seychelles NATION: Who is Kelly Samynadin?

Kelly Samynadin: I am Kelly Samynadin, aged 31 years. I have an 11-year-old son named Leandro. I am also a French teacher. I graduated last year after following a three-year programme of 'Licence de français' at the University of Seychelles whereby I won the Dean's award. Before that, I was teaching for six years since 2011 after having graduated from the then 'School of Education ' currently known as SITE. I am a very outgoing, friendly but sensitive person. Besides from being a teacher I am very much involved in politics. I am the chairperson of the LDS Youth Association.


Seychelles NATION: How do you see the reality of Seychelles at the moment?

Kelly Samynadin: Seychelles is in need of a change in government. Our country is going through a political evolution; everything we do and talk about revolves around politics. One cannot say that he or she does not follow Seychelles' politics because it’s there on the news and on the streets every day. So, why the change? Because the current government has become too comfortable. Too much blood has been shed in the past and for our country and its people to gain closure from all its sufferings, we need a new administration to delegate important decisions on how to better lead our nation.


Seychelles NATION: What do you think should be done to change/improve the situation?

Kelly Samynadin: As I have said before, it’s only through a change in government. We need a new sense of hope to be able to move forward. Employment, sports, youth, poverty, education and health are portfolios which need to be looked into with urgency. With a new government, we can rest assured that this will materialise!!!


Seychelles NATION: Covid-19 brought a new reality for the world, do you think Seychelles as a country took the right decisions during this pandemic?

Kelly Samynadin: Personally, I feel that some decisions made were necessary; meaning that they catered for every Seychellois. On one hand, the lockdown was important. At the very onset, LDS had been proposing for a lockdown (which was not being considered at first), but later the Health Care Agency finally took the decision to lock down our airport as a means of preventing a Covid-19 outbreak in our country.

On the other hand, I feel all parties should have been represented on the Covid-19 board to make it more inclusive.


Seychelles NATION: As a young adult, what are your wishes for Seychelles?

Kelly Samynadin: I wish that during this campaign, all Seychellois, regardless of our political affiliations, would go through this historical journey in peace and unity!!! I am also reaching out to our youths and to all my fellow patriots, to vote for the best candidate who will better serve you. We need a new beginning and a new sense of hope!!! SESEL I POUR TOU SON ZANFAN!!!



Compiled by V.G.






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