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National Day 2019 - LDS highlights the unifying force of our National Day |28 June 2019

The Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) has highlighted the unifying force of our National Day, saying that celebrating the occasion with joy will strengthen the spirit of togetherness that we need to face the challenges that lie ahead of us.

LDS says this in a message on the occasion of our National/Independence Day on June 29.

The full text of LDS’ message reads:

“It is a great honour to address a message to the people of Seychelles on the occasion of our National Day, the anniversary of our Independence on June 29.

The LDS executive council, together with the LDS members of the National Assembly, extend the best wishes for a memorable and joyful National Day 2019 to everyone in our country, citizens and visitors alike.

“This day is a symbol of our nation and it celebrates our unity and solidarity. Once again, we express our great appreciation that despite difficult times we have lived in peace, able to avoid the bitter conflicts and divisions that so many other nations have experienced. Today, we also pledge our determination to sustain peace and build stronger unity so that we can bring a better future for our people.

As citizens, our National Day is our common anniversary. Celebrating it with joy will strengthen the spirit of togetherness which we need to face the challenges that lie before us, which include safeguarding our sovereignty, ensuring the security of our communities, building economic prosperity, preserving our environment and resolving our social problems.

“We invite the visitors to our country to join us in these celebrations because they too are part of what we are as a nation.

“On this occasion we pay a special tribute to all those who give their time and effort over and above their paid employment to making our country a better place. We hold them as examples for all of us to do more for Seychelles in whatever way we can.

“Let our National Day, which falls right in the middle of the year, mean everything that we want the year to be for us.”


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