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Independence Day message by Roger Mancienne, Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) party leader |30 June 2020

‘We thank those who have worked hard to make Seychelles what it is today’


“It is a great honour for me to address, on behalf of all members of LDS, a message of solidarity with our Seychellois brothers and sisters on the 44th anniversary of our Independence.

“On this occasion, we celebrate what we are as a nation, what we have achieved and what we are striving for. We say this is ‘Our Seychelles’. It belongs to all of us born on its soil. Nothing can take that from us.

“This year, we celebrate under a dark cloud as we face a very difficult time ahead.

It is right that we speak of national unity. Our nation was born with this promise that we would live as one people, able to work together to overcome dangers that threaten all of us, and to achieve goals that serve us all. This requires the goodwill and cooperation of every one of us. So we are called today to draw on this spirit, to hold in our hearts the feeling that we are one people. This does not prevent us from holding different views and beliefs, or belonging to different political parties, but it also does not stop from working together for a common purpose.

“This anniversary is more solemn than in other years and without extravagant ceremonies or parties. But it does not stop us from celebrating what is truly the most important. That is, that we are a free people, with laws and institutions that protect the rights of everyone. We can celebrate that we have a democratic system of government in which we can all participate, and that we are able to work to meet the basic needs of our families and those who depend on society for care. We celebrate that we have a beautiful country and that we can always work to make it better.

“We thank those who have worked hard to make Seychelles what it is today and to give us these reasons to celebrate. I join together with other leaders of our party, with our members of the National Assembly and district representatives to extend the best wishes to Seychellois everywhere for Independence Day. We pray for the health and safety of all our citizens. We give our commitment to working for a happy future for our country.”


Roger Mancienne

LDS party leader


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