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LDS reaffirms its commitment to National Unity and Democratic Government |23 June 2020

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) is fully committed to National Unity and Democratic Government, party leader Roger Mancienne has said.

Mr Mancienne made that statement yesterday through a press communiqué in reply to the address made by President Danny Faure on the occasion of Constitution Day which is on June 18.

He explained that LDS is the main political force in Seychelles today because parties striving for democracy, justice and protection of the rights of all Seychellois have come together in unity.

“This is not only in the formation of LDS but goes back all the way to the return of multi-party democracy in our country,” noted the LDS party leader.

Mr Mancienne said in its first statement on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, LDS called for an inclusive high-level body to forge a unified national response to the challenges.

This, he said, was taken up again recently with the motion brought before the National Assembly by the elected member for Les Mamelles, Bernard Georges, calling for a process of national consultation, which was backed by all LDS members and approved by the whole Assembly.

“These efforts embody the spirit of National Unity but unfortunately were ignored by President Danny Faure,” added Mr Mancienne, who further noted that as a candidate in the forthcoming presidential election, President Faure has proposed the formation of a government of National Unity.

This, Mr Mancienne said, is a proposal he is fully entitled to make, but which should be done in a forum within his electoral campaign, not in an address as Head of State on Constitution Day.

He also explained that LDS will make a unified national response to the present crisis, to ensure health and safety with economic recovery, the urgent priority of its government, while it will also remain committed to the democratic process, stability, effective government without corruption and misuse of state resources.

Mr Mancienne further added that LDS believes our present system of government provides the means to achieve national unity in dealing with a crisis while preserving the checks and balances that are essential to democratic government.

“Our Constitution does not provide a basis for the system of government of National Unity which has been used in other countries,” added Mr Mancienne, who further noted that the constitution of Seychelles states that the President must be elected and he is elected together with the Vice-President.

“He becomes the Head of State, the Head of Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. He cannot share any of these functions. He has the power to appoint Ministers as he chooses subject to the approval of the National Assembly but he can dismiss them as he wishes,” further explained the LDS party leader.

Mr Mancienne also noted that there is no Constitutional basis for a power sharing agreement and that it would be ill-advised for us to adopt a system of government not grounded in the Constitution.

He said all parties and candidates need to make clear their policies and programmes for government during the election campaign we are entering in.

Mr Mancienne also said the LDS candidates, Wavel Ramkalawan and Ahmed Afif, will put the proposals of our party before the electorate.

“In line with this, we call once again for a public debate among all candidates to explain their respective positions. The future of Seychelles is up to its people to decide,” he added.

As conclusion, Mr Mancienne said the first decision is the choice of leadership for our country through free and fair elections and urged that the people be allowed to make the decision in well-informed consideration of the record of each party or candidate and the policies that they stand for.

“We put our faith in the people of Seychelles,” he concluded.


LDS communique

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