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United Seychelles party national executive committee expresses full support for its presidential candidate |21 June 2020

United Seychelles party national executive committee expresses full support for its presidential candidate

Mr Meriton (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

Following his address to the nation on the occasion of Constitution Day on June 18, United Seychelles party presidential candidate, Danny Faure, yesterday morning met with the party’s national executive committee to discuss and analyse further the economic situation facing the country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The committee expressed its full support to Mr Faure’s call for the government that will follow the upcoming presidential election to be one of national unity inclusive of all political, economic, professional and civil society forces.

The committee also expressed its full support to Mr Faure’s proposal which, in the current difficult circumstances, is fully consistent with the Constitution of United Seychelles adopted in November 2018. It stressed the importance of explaining Mr Faure’s proposal and the reasons for it to all the party’s supporters and the Seychellois public in general.

The United Seychelles Constitution states that divisive partisan politics is not in the best interest of Seychelles and “the unity of the Seychellois people, in all its diversity, is a necessary condition for progress”. It makes the point that the party is “ready to work with all forces in society”.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, United Seychelles party’s president, Vincent Meriton, said that the meeting focused on the increasingly difficult economic situation facing the country with more serious impact on our population expected if the situation does not improve soon. 

Mr Meriton said they touched on the forthcoming reopening of our airspace to allow visitors back to our shores, something he stressed that we urgently need to do to help revitalise our economy but at the same time they also stressed on strict adherence to the measures to be taken so as not to endanger public health.

“While some businesses continue to operate as though everything is fine, it is because money is being taken from the country’s reserves and we need to find ways to ensure the country starts regenerating foreign currencies to continue sustaining expenses being made everyday,” Mr Meriton pointed out.

He said the population seems not to be aware of how serious the economic difficulties facing our country are as many people continue to party, picnic and partake in different forms of celebrations every weekend at the beach with no thought for more serious economic problems that our country could face.

“It is for this reason that the committee discussed and analysed all the serious consequences that could befall our country,” he highlighted, noting that the committee is giving its full support to all the education campaigns and measures being undertaken by all concerned authorities to address the situation and mitigate its impact on our people. 


Marie-Anne Lepathy/United Seychelles communique

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