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Environment Day message from One Seychelles |06 June 2020

‘We have One Seychelles and One chance to save it!’


“On this World Environment Day, it is important to reflect on how the environment and our fragile economy are intrinsically linked. Seychelles continues to boast pristine beaches and hiking trails, when the reality is that the majority of people flocking to the beaches or up our mountains are unapologetically leaving their rubbish behind.
“Our failure to sustain and protect our environment, which is constantly under threat by apathetic citizens, poor enforcement, and weak laws, inevitably undermines our economy. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves (Wangari Maathai).
“We owe it to our country and future generations of Seychellois to live more sustainably, for we have One Seychelles, and One chance to save it.” 


One Seychelles

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