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Commission of inquiry re-affirms key principle of rule of law |15 April 2020

The Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) has welcomed the report of the Commission of Inquiry conducted by Judge Fiona Robinson in the incident involving the search of the luggage of LDS’ presidential candidate Wavel Ramkalawan at the Seychelles International Airport on February 8, 2020.

The findings of the Commission have established that there were issues of consequence in the actions of the official of the Anti-Narcotics Bureau in conducting the search, and LDS holds that its objections raised to the search were justified.

The notable conclusion of the Commission is that the ANB official who conducted the search did not have reasonable grounds for doing so, and the search was therefore unlawful.

The Report notes that at present the use of police powers to stop and search without lawful justification represents a worrisome situation and has urged that standard operating procedures for the police should clearly outline the statutory powers of a police officer to be followed under the law.

LDS believes that in re-affirming a key principle of the rule of law, the Commission has made a contribution to the strengthening of our democratic foundations. It is by such steps that the democratic norms are affirmed and enshrined.


Press release from LDS

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