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US disappointed at “divisive political approach” taken by LDS in the National Assembly |18 March 2020

United Seychelles (US) has said it is deeply disappointed at the “immature and divisive political approach” taken by the leader of the opposition and the LDS (Linyon Demokratik Seselwa) in the National Assembly yesterday morning.

“When we should all be pulling together to unite and reassure the population for us to confront the risks posed by the coronavirus outbreak, LDS has chosen to walk out on Seychelles and its people in this time of great crisis,” says US in a communiqué.

The US was referring to a walk-out by LDS members in the National Assembly yesterday morning (see lead story on this page).

“United Seychelles believes that the best way to address the situation is by supporting the Rapid Response Team who has been handling the situation in a calm and professional manner. This is no time for politicians to take centre stage and drag ministers and technicians in the National Assembly for cross-examinations. This is not a time for scoring political points, finger pointing or confusing the population,” says the communiqué.

“United Seychelles is of the firm opinion that information is being provided on a daily basis in the media especially on SBC Television and Telesesel. Journalists have been free to ask all kinds of questions and Dr (Jude) Gedeon and his team have been open and transparent since day one in answering any concerns.

It does not make sense for the leader of the opposition to expect 6 key ministries – Health, Tourism, Finance, Commerce, Education and Agriculture – to drop everything they are doing in the midst of a national crisis and run to the National Assembly to answer his questions on the current situation, their analysis, strategies and projections when these same government officials are working overtime to do just that because the situation is constantly evolving.

“Time is of the essence in tackling the coronavirus. The Chinese government has been successful in bringing this epidemic under control not by deliberations or questions and answer sessions in their National Assembly but by swift and decisive action on the ground. This is what politicians need to understand and let the professionals get on with their job. United Seychelles appeals to the leader of the opposition and LDS to reconsider their overreaction and in the spirit of national unity and solidarity to support all national initiatives being undertaken by the Rapid Response Team to keep our population safe from the more damaging effects of the coronavirus,” ends the communiqué.


US communique

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