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LDS calls for solidarity and support in facing threat of COVID-19 |16 March 2020

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) has expressed its solidarity with and support for the health professionals leading the country’s response to the threat of COVID-19 and is encouraging everyone to join together with them to face this challenge.

This comes after two positive cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on Saturday March 14, 2020 following tests conducted on two individuals in the quarantine facilities in Perseverance.

In a communiqué released yesterday afternoon, the LDS writes:

“This is a public health emergency of unprecedented proportion and we understand the magnitude of the risks that it poses and the measures that will be required to deal with it.

“It is a very difficult time for the nation and we can only face it with a unified and concerted effort under the leadership of the professionals who are best equipped to make the right judgement on the courses of action that we must take.

“As individuals, it is our duty to cooperate fully with the measures and the advice that will minimise the risk of a spread of the disease.

“We express our support also for all those whose duties may place them at closest risk of contact with sources of the coronavirus, especially our health workers, immigration and airport staff and workers in services involving public contact.

“At the same time we express our sympathy with those persons who have tested positive and with those who are under monitoring for the disease. We wish them a speedy recovery or clearance, as the case may be.

“This is a situation that will test us as a nation and it calls for our best in understanding, compassion and solidarity. It is a battle that we must fight together to win.”


LDS communique

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