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Witchcraft related case set for January 19 |23 December 2023

Legal Counsel for the United Seychelles party leader, Dr Patrick Herminie, has filed a severance in charges case for his client before the Magistrates Court, in relation to the witchcraft related case.

Basil Hoareau filed the motion yesterday morning, arguing that his client’s charges were different from those of the seven co-accused and were not done simultaneously. This motion was supported by the other defense counsels, who also called for severance in charges for their clients.

Following Mr Hoareau’s motion, the prosecution requested time to prepare its response and evidence. The court has scheduled the hearing for January 19, 2024.

Meanwhile, another defense counsel, Anthony Juliette, also called on the court to dismiss the case instantly as the prosecution had not honoured the Magistrates Court’s ruling to share evidence in the case, to the defense team.

The court had ruled the prosecution team has until January 4 to provide any related documents to the defense team, or else the case will proceed without evidence.

The eight men were formally charged on October 2, 2023. The accused are seven Seychellois and a Tanzanian national. Their charges encompass a range of offences; namely being in possession of anything intended to be used for the purpose of witchcraft, conspiracy to exercise in witchcraft, non-natural and superstitious mean, counselling and procuring another person in exercising witchcraft, non-natural and superstitious mean and soliciting any person to advise him on any matter for the purpose whatsoever by witchcraft, non-natural or other superstitious means.


Compiled by Patsy Canaya 

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