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  Seychelles United Movement successfully registered as a political party, aims for national progress and unity |29 August 2023

   Seychelles United Movement successfully registered as a political party, aims for national progress and unity

The SUM delegation and Electoral Commision staff in a souvenir photo (Photo: Contributed)

The Seychelles United Movement, a newly formed political party, is ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a better Seychelles, now that it is registered political party with the Electoral Commission.

It was the secretary general of the political party, Edwards Anacoura, who made this bold statement in a press release, sent out over the weekend.

In the press release, Mr Anacoura underscored that the Seychelles United Movement (SUM) “is built on the fundamental principles of national progress, unity, and the collective aspiration for a dignified, harmonious, and prosperous Seychellois society.”

“We firmly believe that in order to achieve this vision, comprehensive reforms are necessary across key sectors including the economy, healthcare, education, social welfare, and security.”

It hopes to address challenges in these critical areas to create an environment that nurtures growth, fosters inclusivity, and ensures the well-being of every Seychellois.

As Seychelles’ seventh registered political party, SUM envisions a Seychelles “where every citizen can thrive, where opportunities are accessible to all, and where our nation's potential is fully realised.”

“As we embark on this transformative journey, we wish to extend our gratitude to the press for their continued interest and coverage. Your role in conveying our message to the nation is invaluable, and we count on your ongoing support to help us reach every corner of Seychelles with our vision of progress and unity,” the press release continues.

“Together, we are forging a path towards a brighter future for Seychelles – one marked by prosperity, harmony, and the shared values that define us as a nation. We urge all citizens to join hands with the Seychelles United Movement as we work towards realising this common goal.”

The party, which also features local businessman Marco Francis as party leader and Salim Mathieu as treasurer, had to overcome the hurdle of an objection filed against its acronym by opposition party, United Seychelles.


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