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SUM gets an objection over its acronym |12 August 2023

The Seychelles United Movement (SUM), which submitted its application to be registered as a new political party in mid-June this year, has said it was preparing a response to an objection to its name, by the main opposition party, United Seychelles.

In a statement issued yesterday, SUM led by Marco Francis stated that “in accordance with the Electoral Commission's guidelines, we have a period of 15 days to respond to this objection. We are preparing a comprehensive response that underscores the uniqueness of our identity and addresses any concerns raised by United Seychelles”.

Mr Francis stated that in its objection, the US party had cited concerns that the acronym SUM closely resembles their own acronym and could potentially lead to public confusion.

“We wish to address this objection and clarify our position on the matter,” the statement read.

“While we respect United Seychelles' perspective, we must emphasise that SUM's name, sound, and written form are inherently distinct from US. Our commitment to avoiding confusion is reflected in our distinct dark blue color, as opposed to United Seychelles' red, and in our unique logo design, which bears no resemblance to theirs,” added the statement.

It ended by stating that furthermore, the core values that underpin Seychelles United Movement are centered around reform, prosperity, and unity. “These values guide our actions and aspirations, setting us apart from other entities in the political landscape.”

In an interview with Seychelles NATION, the secretary general of the US Party, Wallace Cosgrow, said they feel strongly that the acronym was similar to theirs and would confuse the electorate. He said they respect SUM’s right to be a political party, but they should do so in a responsible manner.

“We now leave everything in the hands of the Electoral Commission but we will explore all avenues to ensure our views are also considered,” said Mr Cosgrow.

According to the Political Parties (Registration and Regulation) Act, the Electoral Commission will convene to pronounce itself on the matter.

The SUM submitted its application to the Electoral Commission on June 14.


Compiled by Patsy Canaya

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