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United Seychelles calls for dismissal of Election Boundary Committee   |31 July 2023

United Seychelles calls for dismissal of Election Boundary Committee   

● Against allowing Seychellois living overseas to take part in national elections


The leader of United Seychelles (US), Dr Patrick Herminie, has called for the dismissal of the Election Boundary Committee tasked with providing data necessary to establish how extensively electoral boundaries are to be adjusted in the country, and a referendum be held to decide whether to allow Seychellois living overseas to take part in national elections.

Dr Herminie made the call during his party’s political rally at the Mini Stadium in Victoria yesterday afternoon where the highlight was the inability of the current government to run the country.

A large crowd of supporters had gathered at the stadium since 11am for the rally organised for the central region.

This was the second political rally held by the main opposition party this year after the one held at Baie St Anne Praslin on April 30, 2023.

When addressing his supporters, Dr Herminie said that given Danny Lucas is the chairman of the Electoral Commission Seychelles, he should not be involved with the committee.

With regard to allowing Seychellois living outside Seychelles to vote in national elections, Dr Herminie said they do not qualify as they have been staying overseas for so long and have not contributed to the development of the country.

“There is a plot going on between the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) and the Electoral Commission to steal the election as was done in 2020 and I am not happy with that. I wish to call for an immediate dismissal of the committee. For the Seychellois living abroad who have been away for so long and to allow them to vote, I do not agree as they cannot decide on our destiny,” said Dr Herminie.

He also noted that the party will take to the streets in the event that Seychellois citizens living abroad are allowed to participate in national elections.

The supporters, in their usual red attire, also heard from several other members of the party’s leadership who stressed on what they claimed was the inability of the current administration to run the country.

That was translated to key issues such as the cost of living, health, education, youth and agriculture and business development, among others, they feel are impacting on the lives of the people and making it more difficult for them day by day.

They also called on the supporters to put their confidence in the party leader, Dr Herminie, as the next President of the country.

The party’s vice-president, Marvin Fanny, said the current administration was doing nothing for the people except to thrive on the successes accomplished by the past administration.

“They are not delivering but rather going around in circles. The LDS government has failed our people, youths, our workers, our old citizens, our children and for that reason they should step down to allow the United Seychelles to show them how to run the country,” Dr Fanny said.

Wallace Cosgrow, the party’s secretary general, called on the party supporters to stay united to remove the current administration in 2025 while the party’s leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Sebastien Pillay, said given they are the only voice of the Seychellois people in the National Assembly, the cohort will ensure that nothing is done to prevent them from representing them.

The rally which started at 11am and ended at 6pm also saw entertainment by the Tsunami Band and various other artists who usually perform for the party such as Joseph Sinon, Ron Payet, Allen Camille, Molo, Ti Garry and Magnificent among others who performed well known and newly released political songs and other national favourites.

Among those attending was Patrick Pillay, former leader of Lalyans Seselwa, who later joined the alliance to create Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS).


Text & photos by Patrick Joubert

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