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36th United Seychelles Congress |05 June 2023

36th United Seychelles Congress

Party Leader Patrick Herminie flanked by Vice-President Marvin Fanny (left) and chairman Wallace Cosgrow

Party leader reveals his intention to run for president in 2025 elections


The United Seychelles (US) party leader Patrick Herminie has made known his intention to be a candidate for his party for the 2025 presidential election.

“We must not be afraid, the new US will judge on performances and hard work and not on the opinion of individuals,” he said.

He stressed that US supporters should not stand divided like in previous years but remain a united front.

Dr Herminie was speaking during the party’s 36th annual congress held at the International Conference Centre (ICCS) on Saturday under the theme ‘Unity Key to Victory’.

Alongside him to preside over the gathering were the party’s vice-president Marvin Fanny and chairman Wallace Cosgrow.

In his declaration to officially launch the congress, Dr Herminie thanked all the members present for their effort and determination to ensure the continuous work within the districts.

“I remain convinced that with fraternity we will overcome any obstacle that wants to divide us,” he said.

During the first session Congress adopted four resolutions. Three of the four resolutions came as a result of a discussion on three themes, namely the importance of Unity within the party, what has been done by the party during the last three years and a reflection on the struggle for independence and liberation.

The last resolution was based on a declaration by the President of the party on an internal process in the party to select candidates for the next presidential and parliamentary elections and in accordance with sub-article 5.17, 31.2, 31.3 of the Party’s constitution.

The congress asked all of its members who have an interest to be a candidate for the election to declare their intentions and begin the formal processes.

In his address to the supporters of the US party, Dr Herminie expressed how even with the set back of having lost the election in 2020, the party stayed determined to remain strong and relevant by making its presence known.

“This has been possible thanks to the tenacity of the men and women present today. I am proud to be a part of this team,” he said.

During the event Dr Herminie also officially launched the United Seychelles’ website on which members can get useful information such as members of the party and their contact details as well as future events.

The 36th congress was spiced up by various musical performances by local artists, namely Ruben, Joseph Sinon, Molo, among others.


Diane Larame

Photos by Joena Meme & Diane Larame





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