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International Day of Nurses’ message by Dr Patrick Herminie, president of United Seychelles party |13 May 2023

‘Without nurses our health system would collapse’


“On this special day, the United Seychelles party salutes everyone in the noble profession of nursing.

“It is an opportunity to show respect for your service to our beloved nation.

“The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Our Nurses, Our Future’. The Seychelles United party recognises nursing as a strong pillar of the healthcare system. It is obvious to all that without nurses, our health system would collapse. The United Seychelles party pledges its resounding voice to support the work and contributions of all nurses and midwives in Seychelles.

“It is also fitting that today we shine a special light on this noble vocation. It is a chance to celebrate your contribution to society so that we, as a nation, enjoy a healthier life.

“The United Seychelles party thanks you for your unwavering devotion.

“Now that the world has declared victory over Covid-19, the United Seychelles would like to take this opportunity to also thank you for the courage and compassion you showed during the epidemic.  

“Today, we also call on the powers that be to ensure that nurses work in the right environment and are provided with all resources necessary for the proper delivery of nursing care.

“As a country, we should deliver on our commitments to ensure equitable compensation and adequate involvement of all nurses in the decision-making process.

“We should be cognizant of the fact that the health of nurses, especially mental health, should be properly taken care of.

“Whilst we expect a lot from nurses, we should not shy away from our duty and responsibility to provide the best for nurses.

“Happy Nurses Day to all our modern-day Florence Nightingale.”





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