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United Seychelles stands in solidarity with media practitioners |16 November 2022

  • Condemns “state interference” in operations of SBC


The United Seychelles Party has expressed its solidarity and support towards the Association of Media Practitioners (AMPS) on the position taken by the latter in relation to the interference by the executive in the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation regarding the programme ‘LOPINYON’ and the views expressed therein by the participants.

“We are extremely concerned and deeply saddened by recent developments in regards to state interference in the operations of the state funded broadcaster, the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC),” says a communique from the US leader, Dr Patrick Herminie.

“The United Seychelles Party strongly protests and condemns the actions of the government and is of the opinion that it goes against the freedom of expression and independence of state owned and funded media,” adds the communiqué.

“By copy of this letter, we are also launching a formal complaint before the Seychelles Media Commission and the Reporters sans frontiers,” concludes the communiqué.

Dr Patrick Herminie

Leader of the United Seychelles Party

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