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Constitution Day |20 June 2022

‘United Seychelles remains committed to the task of nurturing unity and harmony’


“The United Seychelles party joins the people of Seychelles to observe Constitution’s Day on June 18, the promulgation of which in 1993 heralded the dawn of our Third Republic.

“Seychelles is this year celebrating the 29th anniversary of the birth of the Third Republic with the drafting of the current Constitution in 1993, which heralded multi-party politics in the country. Our forefathers and those who sat on the Constitutional Commission, including our present Party President, Dr Patrick Herminie, deliberated on what was to be the founding document of our new Republic.

“The Constitution is the supreme law and nobody is above the law. Our Constitution ensures that those who make decisions on behalf of the citizens, fairly represents their opinions and sets out the way in which those who exercise powers may be held accountable to the people they serve. More importantly, our Constitution sets out where the government’s powers ends by guaranteeing individuals’ specific rights and freedoms. These rights help to assure the protection and promotion of human dignity, equality and liberty.

“There have been many accomplishments throughout the years including a fair and democratic system, which ensured adequate and progressive social order guaranteeing decent living for all Seychellois. We are yet to see the intention of the new government to build on those solid foundations paved by the people of Seychelles.

“We are somewhat perturbed by the fact that our Constitution is being amended to increase the powers of the State at the expense of the citizens.

“The doctrine of separation of powers has been incorporated into the Constitution, and provides for a degree of checks and balances on the three branches of government. This is backed by principles like the sovereignty of Parliament, which is basic to representative democracy itself, and the independence of the judiciary. Unfortunately, under the leadership of the new government, things are not what it seems. It is clear that the principle of balance of powers is not being observed.

“Let us draw lessons in our history, derive strengths from our differences and find unity in our diversity. The United Seychelles party remains committed to the task of nurturing unity and harmony and finding space to exercise our rights while we also respect the rights of others.

“Happy Constitution Day!”


Press release from United Seychelles

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