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International Day of Family |16 May 2022

‘Let us continue to build strong and resilient family units’


“The United Seychelles Party would like to wish all the Seychellois families much love, peace and happiness on this special day dedicated to celebrate the importance and wellbeing of all individuals in the family.

“The United Nations observes the International Day of Families on May 15 each year. The theme for 2022 is ‘Families and urbanisation’ which seeks to raise awareness on the importance of sustainable and family-friendly urban policies. Sustainable urbanisation is closely related to the achievement of several sustainable development goals and targets such as eradicating poverty, reducing inequalities, quality education and good health and wellbeing. A lot has been done in the past to bridge the gaps but much more is needed to attain such goals.

“Family serves as the basic building block of society. It is the nucleus of social organisation and upon it depends the survival of every society. It is for this reason that we should take this opportunity to also reflect on how our families are being affected by social and economic trends and what we can do to strengthen our families in response, especially through the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic difficulties we are going through.

“The United Seychelles party extends a supportive hand to all the families struggling to make ends meet and to those battling with the devastating effects of substance abuse. Let us work together to end poverty, violence and discrimination.

“We urge every sector of our society, including the government, to act in favour of the family by making decisions that will ensure a better standard and quality of life for all.

“At the core of our society should be healthy individuals within a healthy family so let us continue to build strong and resilient family units.

“Happy international day of family to all!”


Press release from the United Seychelles party

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