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Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) Women’s Convention |09 May 2022

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) Women’s Convention

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Association chairperson RosieBistoquet and her executive committee members were presented to the party’s leadership on Saturday (Photos: Thomas Meriton)

Rosie Bistoquet voted new LDS women’s associationchairperson


Rosie Bistoquet is the new chairperson of the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Association and she was voted into office during its convention held at the STC conference room on Saturday afternoon.

Ms Bistoquet is a proportionately elected member of the National Assembly for Linyon Demokratik Seselwa(LDS).

The election was heldin the presence of President WavelRamkalawan, First Lady Linda Ramkalawan, Vice-President Ahmed Afif and three women ministers, namely Minister DevikaVidot, Minister Rose-Mary Hoareau and Minister Peggy Vidot.

The theme for this year’sLinyon Demokratik Seselwa women’s convention is ‘Langazmanmadanmdantransformasyon’‒a theme chosen to keep women engaged in politics and in the party to unify behind the president.

Hon. DesheilaBastienne, elected member of the National Assembly (MNA) for Persévérance andoutgoing chairperson for the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Association, retraced the journey leading up to the creation of the association and its course of action over the past years.

The women of the party were then presented with the different candidates running for the various posts within the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Association before casting their votes.

Hon. Regina Alcindor spoke of the importance of women in politics, stating that that for many years politics was considered as a role only men could take up. She noted that with the emancipation of women and the fight for equal rights, slowly many women are participating in politics, especially at a level of decision-making. She acknowledged that in many families women are head of the household, therefore women should take an avid role in decision-making at national level as well.

The Linyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Association also had an open floor discussion session whereby the women present could present to President Ramkalawan and Vice-President Afif their issues and concerns.

A resident of Praslin voiced her concern regarding buying wholesale on Praslin since the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) closed its branch there, stating that wholesalers are refusing to sell to the public and advising them to buy retail. President Ramkalawan responded that the issue was that the lady asked the wholesaler for oiland this is the reason why she was directed to aretailer.

Issues regarding the state of roads in certain areas on Praslin also arose andPresident Ramkalawan informed the women that a whole plan is being put underway regarding the state of roads on the island.

Following the discussion the participants were presented to the newly elected members of the LDSWA. They are Rosie Bistoquet ‒chairperson, Sumita Pouponeau‒ vice-chairperson, Ina Laporte ‒treasurer, Jerina Samy ‒secretary, and eight ordinary members‒HazelLarame, Jany De Letourdie, Lydia Jumeau, SabianaMancienne, Lorna Leopold, Emeline Riaze, Michelle Birkman and Marie-Hélène Niole.

Among the different recommendations that came out of the convention include:

-The need to consider specific programmes for a category of workers who have worked for many years and are approaching the age of retirement to ensure the country does not lose experienced workers

- That all women get the encouragement necessary to flourish and participate more in politics and attain decision-making roles

-The convention is recommending that the LDS party embarks on a programme to increase the percentage of women in the National Assembly

-The convention supports the government in prioritising the cost of living to raise the standard of living for Seychellois families.

Ms Bistoquet said the mandate of the association is to increase the participation of women in the political progress ofLDS. She added that the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Association needs to bring about more visibility of women in the development and progress of society through better engagement and activism of younger women.

When he addressed participants and guests at the convention President Ramkalawan stated that the role of theLinyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Associationin the party is an important one and this is why its chairperson and the chairperson of the youth committee are automatically incorporated onto the executive committee as stipulated in the party’s constitution. During its three-year mandate, the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa Women’s Association will also play a key role in leading the party to the next elections.


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