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US endorses Danny Faure as its presidential candidate |26 August 2019

US endorses Danny Faure as its presidential candidate

Congress applauding Mr Faure after his nomination as presidential candidate had been endorsed

Danny Faure is United Seychelles’ candidate for the presidential election to be held next year.

The decision was taken through a motion and vote at the party’s 33rd annual congress held at the STC conference centre on Saturday.

Mr Faure was the only nominee who expressed an interest to stand for the party in the next election.

He addressed congress on Saturday afternoon, reaffirming his support for the party and asserted the need for a Seychelles that is united to overcome national and external challenges that the country is faced with.

“I have been in this family for 39 years and its principles and values have made me the man I am today. It is with them in my family, that I have lived different moments of my life inclusive of many big and good moments, remarkable moments that have marked us and made us proud of our accomplishments,” he started.

“Today, I see the opportunity for us to unite. A united Seychelles therefore, is not a political slogan. It is bigger than a political party. It is above politics, it is the future for our country and the solutions to major challenges,” Mr Faure said.

“I know not everybody likes the way I work. But before you today, I can say that everything I have done, has been in the interest of the country. The past three years has made Danny stronger. I can assure you that nothing will scare me,” Mr Faure said to a cheering congress.

Mr Faure concluded his address by expressing his confidence in his supporters and his vision for Seychelles in the future.

“I will continue to remain fixed on our vision despite the propaganda, fake news and distractions. Let me reassure you today that the road we are taking, Seychellois believe in it and our greatest moments are ahead of us. I am convinced that a large majority of Seychellois understand my vision and the way I work. I am a child of the party who has brought about real change in Seychelles and while we are not perfect, we have worked hard for Seychelles and we have also pushed through for Seychelles. With your support I will continue to push for Seychelles. The only thing I can offer you is Danny Antoine Rollen Faure,” he asserted.

Congress then proposed the motion to approve Mr Faure as the candidate before taking a vote by acclamation.

Leader of the party, Vincent Meriton, also addressed the Congress and Mr Faure extending full support for the candidate on behalf of Congress and supporters of US.

“We pride our choice of candidate that we are presenting to the Seychellois population. We all here fully support our candidate. His vision is the party’s vision and today, we have heard our candidate speak. We have seen before us the man who has fostered peace, stability and unity in our Seychelles. A strong man who has remained calm, who has been tolerant and who has shown maturity in difficult circumstances,” Mr Meriton said.

“Today, we are presenting you Mr Danny Faure, the man who is unifying our country, the man who is marking a new chapter in the history of our party and the history of our country. What he is offering our country is unique, it is an opportunity that we should grasp and not let go off. If President Faure has managed to run the country for three years with a majority opposition in the National Assembly, imagine what he can do when we take State House and claim back the assembly,” Mr Meriton stated excitedly.

Following his address, Mr Meriton and party candidate Mr Faure led a walk to the Maison du Peuple followed by members of the congress for a brief reception in which they rejoiced.

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