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LDS extends best wishes for Christmas 2021 |27 December 2021

The Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) has extended best wishes to all the people of Seychelles for a Joyous Christmas.

“We join with each and everyone in our country on this occasion which is a celebration of faith and of human fellowship.

“The year has brought sadness to many families with the loss of loved ones and for many others the difficulties of illness. We have been forced to change our behaviour in the workplace and in our social lives. To all those who have faced these trials, we express our solidarity and the hope that time and the support of those around them have brought consolation and strength.

“Christmas calls for us to renew our appreciation of all that we have in life and especially the relationships that we value.

“We take the occasion to affirm the love we share within our families, the friendships we enjoy in the workplace and social groups and the loyalty we hold to our country. We offer peace to all those with whom we may have differences and we express our solidarity to all who may be going through difficulties in their lives.

“We hope that what we have, what we give, receive and share give everyone of us all the reason we need to celebrate Christmas.

“We ask for God’s blessings and the gift of happiness on all of us and on our country.”


Press release from LDS

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