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Seychelles gets R3.2m towards Covid-19 vaccination programme |04 January 2021

Seychelles gets R3.2m towards Covid-19 vaccination programme

A souvenir photograph during the handover of the donation at State House last Thursday (Photo : Thomas Meriton)

On behalf of the people and government of Seychelles, President Wavel Ramkalawan on Thursday accepted a Covid-19 vaccine donation amounting to R3.2 million, jointly given by local shipping agent Seaward Company (Pty) Limited and two international commercial companies, Albacora, S.A. and Inpesca, S.A.

The multi million donation was handed over in a ceremony at State House attended by the Designated Minister and fisheries minister, Jean-François Ferrari, Minister for Health Peggy Vidot, principal secretary for health Dr Bernard Valentin, chief executive of the Health Care Agency Dr Danny Louange and representatives of the fisheries-based companies.

The joint financial contribution will go towards the cost of the Covid-19 vaccination programme, when it is approved and rolled out.

Selwyn Edmond, general manager of Seaward, noted that Albacora and Inspeca have been operating in Seychelles for over 30 years and hence felt it necessary to assist the community in this challenging time.

"We appreciate all efforts made by the government to sustain the continuity of the fishing industry, and recognising it as an important activity for income generation despite the Covid situation, " said Mr Edmond.

"The donation we are making today reinforces our appreciation and gratitude to the government and the public health authority for the support provided, especially during the month of June when the fleets of both companies faced the infamous crew change difficulties."

Mr Edmond added that, moving forward, the government and fisheries related partners should work hand in hand on a strategy for Seychelles to benefit more from the blue economy growth.

On his part, President Ramkalawan expressed his appreciation for the gift made to the government which will help in the fight against the pandemic.

“We wish to thank you for the donation which will help against the fight of Covid-19, especially now that we have community transmission and experiencing a surge in the number of active cases. We are deeply concerned and the vaccine is one element in the fight that we are putting a lot of emphasis on. So, your contribution will help us in doing just that,” said President Ramkalawan.


Elsie Pointe

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