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Canadian HC discusses education related matters with principal secretaries |17 March 2023

Canadian HC discusses education related matters with principal secretaries

Members of the two delegations in a souvenir photograph: (L to R) Ryan Adeline, Vicky Michel, Jutta Alexis, PS John Lesperance, HC Kyles Nunas, PS Merna Eulentin, Crista Mc Innis and Sandra Rossiter

The high commissioner of Canada to Seychelles, Kyles Nunas, met with the principal secretary for Education Services, Merna Eulentin and the principal secretary for Education Sector Development, John Lesperance, on Tuesday this week at the Ministry of Education.

Discussions centered around scholarships for Seychellois students, collaboration at University Level and on teacher training.

PS Lesperance stated that many Seychellois students have pursued their training in Canada in the past on both Seychelles government and Canadian scholarships.

He further enquired whether Seychellois students can benefit from any kind of scholarships at the moment.

The high commissioner informed that Seychelles no longer qualifies for Canadian scholarships but that students can apply individually with Canadian Universities which offers scholarships.

It was further queried whether the high commission of Canada could assist in establishing collaboration with some Canadian Universities.

The high commissioner expressed that the universities in Canada are more focused on obtaining students to follow their programmes but there are also technical colleges which could collaborate with Seychelles.

It was conveyed that the Ministry of Education would be interested to collaborate with technical colleges, now that the ministry is planning to build a new National Technical School early 2024.

The high commissioner declared that he will be discussing with the University of Seychelles to see their interest in collaborating with universities in Canada for research purposes.

Crista Mc Innis, regional senior trade commissioner at the Canadian high commission in Kenya, informed that universities in Canada have now opened up to the world and willing to collaborate with other universities for student mobility and curriculum development and in areas like the blue economy and maritime sectors.

PS Eulentin asserted that it would be good for staff and student exchanges to be also undertaken and she further requested assistance for teacher training.

Ms Mc Innis affirmed that it is possible for Canada to assist in teacher training as there are institutions that conduct such training programmes.

To conclude, the high commissioner expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to the high level officials of the Ministry of Education for facilitating this meeting and affirmed that the high commission of Canada will assist the Ministry of Education in initiating a dialogue with Canadian institutions for cooperation in higher education.

Also present at the meeting were Ryan Adeline, second secretary (Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism), Vicky Michel, chief liaison officer, Jutta Alexis, director general for the Network and Engagement Division (Ministry of Education) and Sandra Rossiter, counsellor-high commission of Canada in Tanzania.


Press release from the Ministry of Education

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