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Lt Col. David Arrisol appointed Commander of the SCG |08 February 2023

Lt Col. David Arrisol appointed Commander of the SCG

Lt Col. Arrisol receiving his instrument of appointment from President Ramkalawan

Lieutenant Colonel David Arrisol has been appointed as Commander of the Seychelles Coast Guard (SCG) in a ceremony held at the State House yesterday morning.

Lt Col. Arrisol, who was in October 2022 promoted to acting Commander of the SCG, was promoted by Commander in Chief of the Seychelles Defence Forces (SDF), President Wavel Ramkalawan.

Arrisol joined the SDF in March 1996 following his graduation from the Seychelles Polytechnic in 1995.

Over the years, he has undergone numerous training courses locally and abroad, including at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, India. Other courses which he has successfully completed include a Diploma in Marine Mechanics from Toulon, France, an International Maritime Officer Course in USA and Senior Command Course in India.

Prior to his appointment, Arrisol has served numerous ranks within the force, namely, Deputy Commander of the SCG, SCG Workshop Administrator Officer and SCG Technical Officer Chairman Committee SDF Coastal Surveillance Radar System.

Having assumed the new position, Arrisol said that his plans and work objectives remain the same, in following the SDF’s strategy and action plan.

He also explained that the structure of SCG will remain the same, despite ongoing efforts to boost recruitment and attract yet more youths.

“Recruitment is a major weakness within the SDF, and especially Coast Guard. With the many assets that we have, it is evident that we need more people” he said.

The SCG is targeting educational establishments in order to recruit young, eager people as part of its recruitment drive.

He seized the opportunity yesterday to urge disciplined youths who have an interest in a fruitful career to enrol in the SCG, as there are many positions to be filled, from which they can benefit greatly.


Diane Larame

Photos by Joena Meme

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