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Outgoing HC of Botswana bids farewell to President Ramkalawan |31 August 2022

Outgoing HC of Botswana bids farewell to President Ramkalawan

HC Pitso in discussion with President Ramkalawan during his farewell call yesterday (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

Outgoing high commissioner (HC) of the Republic of Botswana to Seychelles, Gobe Pitso, had fruitful discussions with President Wavel Ramkalawan at State House yesterday morning, on his farewell call.

Having been accredited to Seychelles over the past four years, HC Pitso discussed with President Ramkalawan the progress made by the two states in reinforcing bilateral relations, with the two African countries actively engaged in the educational field.

“We discussed a wide range of bilateral issues, particularly the issue of human resources training. Seychelles has trained teachers in Bostwana in the past, and unfortunately some of these exercises were stalled by Covid, but nonetheless, it is something that we are re-instating, and ensuring that we are able to pursue,” HC Pitso said.

“The other issue of course is that we have teachers from Botswana who are also here in Seychelles. We want to continue cooperation in that area as well,” Mr Pitso stated.

Among other areas for cooperation, the possibilities of enhancing trade among the two states were also up for discussion.

In going forward, the outgoing HC hopes for “continued people-to-people interaction between Botswana and Seychelles”.

“Covid affected all the countries adversely, for almost two years all countries were stalled in terms of engagement, but those areas were a little left behind. But I think in terms of tourism and participating in the Creole Festival, for instance, Botswana was participating in that festival, it is something that we need to re-engage in, and reignite to ensure that we have these exchanges that were stalled by Covid,” he added.


Laura Pillay

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