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Negligent use of drones in restricted airspace a serious breach of aviation safety, security |10 May 2022

Negligent use of drones in restricted airspace a serious breach of aviation safety, security

A partial view of the flight path from the south of the airport

An increasing number of activities using unmanned aircraft or drones have been sighted within the flight path of the Seychelles International Airport, and its vicinities especially during weekends and public holidays.

This situation is alarming, now that most sightings are within the flight path leading to the airport, around Eden Island, Ile au Cerf, and other harbour areas.

The reckless or negligent use of drones in restricted or controlled airspace around Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, without the necessary approval of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) is considered a serious breach of aviation safety and security which can endanger an aircraft or helicopter and their occupants.

David Labrosse,general manager for safety and security regulations at the SCAA, said the useof drones are regulated by civil aviation safety regulations 25.

“Regulations 25 of the Civil Aviation (Safety) Regulations, 2017(endangering safety of an aircraft) states that: A person shall not recklessly or negligently act in a manner likely to cause danger to an aircraft or any person in an aircraft. This regulation is enforceable under the laws of Seychelles.

“We are currently working closely with the police to ensure that there is enforcement of the law, as safety remains our priority, and the onus is on us to protect the public travelling by air so that they arrive safely to their destinations,” said Mr Labrosse.

The SCAA is therefore making an appeal to the public to be conversant with the guidelines, as a means of preventing the misuse of drones, whilst ensuring a high level of safety and security to the travelling public.

The guidance and procedures for using a drone or unmanned aircraft is published on the SCAA website

Any queries can be directed to the SCAA using the following contact details:

Tel: 4384271


The SCAA remains fully committed to ensuring the safe and secure operation of all aircraft within the Seychelles airspace.


Press release from SCAA

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