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President Wavel Ramkalawan’s message on the occasion of Labour Day ‒ May 1 2022 |30 April 2022

‘Perseverance and stability will ensure your career progression’


“As we commemorate this year’s Labour Day, I would like to thank all workers of Seychelles for your resilience and hard work. It is a proud day where we celebrate workers’ contributions towards our country’s economic growth and reflect on how we can perform better to bring more prosperity.

“This year’s theme ‒ ‘A transformative world of work for an inclusive economy’ advises us that the world of work continues to go through various transformations especially as the Covid-19 pandemic is still present in the community. While these transformations are necessary and inevitable, the government of Seychelles is committed to ensure that policies provide equal opportunities to all groups of people in society in order to achieve productive employment and to create an inclusive economy.

“The present employment situation indicates positive outcomes ahead and since last year we have observed a rise in the number of job opportunities and a reduction in the number of organisations applying for redundancy.

“Now, more than ever before, I call on all workers to see the importance of remaining in your employment as we are still undergoing a period of uncertainty and risks. Workers comprise a critical group that remain vulnerable against the adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic. We continuously need committed and hardworking men and women to overcome these challenges.

“At this time of year when many young people have graduated and are entering the world of work, I wish to encourage you as you begin this wonderful journey of establishing yourself and building your future. Remember always that it is perseverance and stability that will ensure your career progression. Be steady and give your best at all times.

“I am encouraged and hopeful to see a lot of workers who are dedicated in their job and I urge you to continuously deliver quality work that benefits your families, businesses, and accelerate the rebuilding of our economy.

“It is my pleasure to once again wish all workers of Seychelles a Happy Labour Day.”


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