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Young parliamentarians meet President Faure |09 August 2019

Young parliamentarians meet President Faure

The young parliamentarians and CEO Belmont in a souvenir photograph with President Faure after the meeting

Following a request to meet President Danny Faure, the 16th cohort of the Seychelles National Youth Assembly (SNYA) was received at State House yesterday.

During the brief meeting, the president commended them on the excellent work they are doing and interacted with the 43 members of the assembly, representing different institutions and communities.

The cohort was accompanied by chief executive of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) Penny Belmont who conveyed her gratitude to President Faure for finding time in his busy schedule to meet the members of the assembly, stating that it is an indication of his commitment towards Seychellois youths.

Addressing the cohort, Ms Belmont urged them to make the most of their experience as members of the assembly and to learn as much as possible.

“Having such a programme under SNYC provides gateways to greater heights. Being here to meet the President of the Republic of Seychelles is part of a learning process. It is an opportunity for the president to share his experience, knowledge and guidance and it is your opportunity as young leaders to share your aspiration, your wishes and dreams with him,” Ms Belmont said.

“Members of SNYA, You must never forget that you represent your communities. Your role is to bring forth their views and opinions, which they have entrusted you with their vote. I urge you not to take the responsibility too lightly. Represent and actively listen to your peers and be role models,” Ms Belmont said encouragingly.

She concluded her address by advising them to practice self-evaluation and to have a drive to improve despite all the challenges that they may be faced with.

President Faure also addressed the members of SNYA stating that it is a good initiative that helps to form youths and equip them with skills and knowledge for their future ahead.

“The programme is educational as it helps us to exercise our values. If today, we are meeting here, it is because it is a programme that was formed 15 years ago and is run by youths. Thus, I am very happy to have the opportunity to meet you young honourables, the 16th cohort. I congratulate you for coming forth and accepting the role, for being part of the programme and I wish you all the best and that you may bring forth new ideas as you as youths are aware of the issues that are touching and impacting upon your generation,” President Faure stated.

President Faure added that the media need to play a more active and attentive role when the SNYA sits to address pertinent issues relating to the youths.

“One of the concerns raised by the 15th cohort is that they didn’t receive much coverage but the media need to be aware that this is a national programme and we would like, as the only way to afford visibility to the work they are doing, if it is reported about and this will also serve to inspire other youths,” he stated.

Speaker of the SYNA, Marlon Esparon, concluded the meet with a vote of thanks in which he expressed thanks and gratitude to the president for hosting them as well as to the coordinators of the assembly and CEO Belmont.

Speaking to the media after the meet, Speaker Esparon noted that SNYA’s main challenge is media coverage for activities and sittings. The 16th cohort has so far had 2 sittings.

He said that among other activities that the SNYA will be engaged in includes the Exposition for the Seychelles Youth Festival to be held on August 10 at NSC Hall, Roche Caiman. The assembly also has a project geared towards encouraging youths to register to vote.

“We have a visit at President’s Village next week in a bid to show to them that they are also part of our society and engage in different activities with them. A lot of our members had the opportunity to interact personally with the president whereby we discussed our project which aims to encourage youths to register to vote. We are liaising with the United States of America’s Consulate for funding and the Electoral Commission who is fully onboard with the idea,” Speaker Esparon noted.

The SNYA was introduced in 1995 with two main priorities – to empower youths and to offer them an opportunity to participate in national development.

It is an educational programme under SNYC that provides a platform for young leaders and which aims to empower the next generation of leaders with opportunities to connect with others, develop global competence and critical skills.

Since its formation in 2003, the programme has successfully moulded over 500 young leaders, many of whom have made it as far as the National Assembly of Seychelles and other leadership position.

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