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Avoid the stress of holiday shopping: An easy way to find stores that deliver to Seychelles |11 October 2021

Shoppers in remote locations – like the Seychelles – know all too well the struggle of finding online brands and stores that will offer direct delivery to their country (vs through a freight forwarder). When shopping online, it seems everyone has experienced the frustration of finding an item they like, going through the checkout process, only to discover the store doesn’t ship to their country.

And this year the pain of online shopping will likely be exacerbated by the pandemic-related shipping supply chain and shipping delays, especially in island nations, where shipping times are already longer than normal. Experts recommend shoppers begin their holiday shopping much earlier than normal this year to avoid disappointment. But the good news is that there’s an easy-to-use, free resource that makes it quick and easy to discover which stores and brands deliver to Seychelles.

What Ships Where is a free shopping discovery tool that clearly indicates if a brand does – or doesn’t – offer direct shipping to Seychelles. This brand discovery site focuses on fashion, beauty, and retail brands and currently catalogs 160 stores offering delivery to the Seychelles, including popular brands like, Shein, Fenty Beauty, Under Armour, Nautica, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Boohoo, and Revolve.

The idea for a brand discovery site that would help shoppers discover what stores do – and do not – offer delivery came when What Ships Where’s founders lived on a tiny island in the Caribbean and experienced the frustrations first hand. “Whether it was clothing, shoes, stuff for the house, kid’s toys, or makeup, you’d find something you wanted to order online, only to get to the checkout page and learn the company didn’t ship to us! It was such a pain, you wasted so much time, and wished there was one place that organised what was available on our island, so we created What Ships Where,” say the brand’s founders.

Tracking all 195 countries and nearly 1,000 of the most popular brands in men’s and women’s fashion, shoes, health and beauty, and accessories, What Ships Where is a game changer when it comes to efficiency when shopping online. Seychellois can explore popular categories including men’s and women’s clothing, baby/children, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, department stores, home and kitchen brands, and some electronic brands.

Shoppers can also join the free email list to receive notifications about new stores and brands that deliver to the Seychelles, as well as discounts, deals, and sale information for the most popular brands offering shipping to each island nation.


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