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President receives ‘Oceans and Visions’, song dedicated to his commitment to preserving the ocean |31 July 2019

President receives ‘Oceans and Visions’, song dedicated to his commitment to preserving the ocean

Joe performing his song to President Faure, surrounded by a group of pupils from Bel Eau school

Well known local singer and song writer Joe Samy has presented his song entitled ‘Oceans and Visions’ to President Danny Faure in a short ceremony at State House yesterday morning.

Joe said he was inspired by President Danny Faure’s address to millions of people the world over from 124 metres under the sea in the submersible of the Nekton mission on April 14 this year. In his speech President Faure talked about the blue economy, the threats and impacts of climate change, he stressed on the need and the importance of protecting the ocean for future generations.

“To see President Faure addressing over 110 million people across the globe through our own TV channel as well as so many news channels over the world, I had shivers as it was for me a very inspiring speech which also shows commitment to caring for the ocean. I was really touched and for me writing the song was also a way to mark the historic moment. It had never happened before where the president of a country who is also a pioneer and environment activist addresses the world from under the sea,” an emotional Joe told everyone present.

Accompanied by his acoustic guitar, Joe performed the song which he has dedicated to President Faure while the President was surrounded by a group of P6 pupils picked at random from Bel Eau primary school and they represent the future generations.

Joe has called on the group of pupils to read the speech President Faure made to the world from under the sea that day and to be inspired as well.

The pupils, accompanied by arts teacher Lindy Charles, were all very shy but happy to have met the president and experienced the atmosphere of the State House for the first time. They chatted with the singer they have heard about and seen on TV and had the memorable occasion captured in a souvenir photograph.

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