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Dazzling Seychelles footage to lure visitors from Romania |26 July 2021

Dazzling Seychelles footage to lure visitors from Romania

Travellers from Romania will get to enjoy the warmth of Seychelles’ and unravelled beauty from afar when dazzling footage of the destination graces their television screens in October.

A crew from the Romanian’s PROTV was in Seychelles recently, filming the highlights of the destination – from beaches and outdoor activities to cultural and entertainment options – which will be featured on a popular show called La Măruță.

The show, broadcast by PROTV, is presented by Cătălin Maruță who is from a famous and beloved family of TV stars from Romania.

The popularity of the show is expected to considerably raise the visibility and profile of Seychelles on that market as winter sets in and everyone dreams of a perfect escape somewhere warm and as inviting as the tiny Indian Ocean islands.

Viewers will have an insight into the delicious Creole cuisine through an entertaining cooking exchange between local chef Marcus Freminot and the show’s presenter, Andreea Dociu, in which they prepare traditional dishes from their respective countries.

Chef Freminot presents a mouth-watering pan-fried fish with Creole sauce, as well as a chicken curry and a mango chutney as accompaniment whilst presenter Dociu comes up with a savoury and rich main course dish made with polenta (cornflower), parmesan cheese, bacon and egg.

Specially selected, the dishes will tantalise the travellers’ taste buds, enticing them to travel to Seychelles to taste for themselves the amazing and intense flavours of the destination.

The crew also embarked on a tour of Mahé, filming unique local experiences often missed out on by tourists. They visited the Trois Frères Distillery at La Plaine Ste André to learn the interesting history behind the locally-produced Takamaka Rum and indulge in some exquisite rum-tasting.

No holiday to Seychelles is complete without ‘island hopping’ and PROTV will bring their viewers experiences of journeying to Praslin by air and a sea voyage to nearby La Digue island.

Footage from both islands will depict how tourists can design their own personal experiences, whether it is to embark on exciting excursions and tours, hang out with the locals or when to dip in the dazzling blue ocean.

The filming trip was facilitated through a collaboration between the Tourism Seychelles and Eturia, the tour operator behind the recent charters from Romania.

Speaking about the collaboration, Tourism Seychelles director for Russia and the Eastern Europe region, Lena Hoareau, said even more efforts are being invested into this market now that there is a seasonal charter between the two countries.

"The direct charter flights, between Budapest and Mahé have been much welcomed and we are working in tandem with all partners to ensure an even greater promotion of the Seychelles in Romania in order to ensure full capacity on each flight," she said.

The filming trip is part of the many activities lined up as part of the joint promotions between Tourism Seychelles and their main partners in Romania to boost the profile of the destination both to the travel trade and consumers.

The television show will reach an even greater segment and ensure the destination is well covered over the whole country, Mrs Hoareau said.

Other activities undertaken so far have included online and social media campaigns, online advertising, webinars to train the agents so that they can sell Seychelles better, and top influencers’ trips.

On her part, the principal secretary for tourism, Sherin Francis emphasised that it is important for the world to know that Seychelles is safe for travelling and that tourists can still carry on with their activities in the destination as they would have done prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"It is very important that we get the message out there that leisure holidays to Seychelles are still happening and nothing is stopping any potential traveller from enjoying a fun-filled holiday on our shores. Health measures are in place to ensure the maximum safety of everyone, but tourists are discovering for themselves that Seychelles is safe and that nothing has changed in terms of what they can do and where they can travel to. Visitors are leaving Seychelles very happy," said PS Francis.

She added that the TV features on Seychelles will help to boost holidaymakers’ confidence in booking a Seychelles holiday and to make use of the direct charters to the destination. A total of 1,199 visitors from Romania have travelled to Seychelles since the charters started operating in April.


Press release from Tourism Seychelles


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