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National Assembly

National Assembly condemns weird discoveries in Anse Royale district |21 July 2021

Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel, United Seychelles member for Anse Royale, has condemned the deplorable acts whereby wooden planks with weird markings and long exposed nails are being buried on the beach and various well-frequented locations in the Anse Royale district.

She was speaking in yesterday’s session of the National Assembly.

Hon. Lemiel has also asked that the perpetrators discontinue such acts which could possibly place the health and lives of citizens at risk.

Similarly, chief whip of the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) party, Sandy Arissol expressed on behalf of LDS disappointment at such actions, calling for those responsible to consider that both visitors and citizens enjoy the beaches, and saying that he hopes that such events are not repeated in future.


Laura Pillay

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