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Employers warned to beware of falsified Covid-19 quarantine, isolation certificates |16 July 2021

The Public Health Authority is advising employers to be mindful of security features on certificates being issued to their employees by the authority, following the completion of their isolation or quarantine periods.

It follows reports that some individuals are falsifying these certificates.

The Public Health Authority (PHA) reminds employers that each certificate should be on its letterhead and the form will state clearly if the certificate is for exit from isolation or from quarantine.

The person’s names and other personal identifiers will also be clearly indicated on the certificate.

An additional security feature is the QR code at the bottom of the certificate which can be scanned to verify its authenticity. The online verification platform will confirm the name of the person for whom the QR code is linked to.

Employers should be aware that the certificate is usually issued directly from the PHA - DSRU email (

The PHA deplores the irresponsible behaviour of some individuals and condemns such acts.

Falsifying a medical certificate is illegal under Seychelles law and appropriate action will be taken against those found breaching the law.

Press release from the Ministry of Health


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