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Recovered Covid-19 patient donates locally produced honey to health workers |15 July 2021

Recovered Covid-19 patient donates locally produced honey to health workers

HCA chief executive Dr Louange and his deputy Kathleen Cecile accepting the donation of honey from Mr Toule-Thilatier (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

Arthur Toule-Thilatier, an established bee-keeper, has donated 60 bottles of his locally-produced liquid gold to staff and health care workers at the Persévérance Family Hospital, as a sign of gratitude for their compassion and care in treating him for Covid-19.

The donation was handed over to the chief executive of the Health Care Agency (HCA), Dr Danny Louange and his deputy Kathleen Cécile, during a short ceremony held at the Red Roof building of the Seychelles Hospital, on Tuesday afternoon.

“I think the staff will very much appreciate this compassionate and kind gesture on your part. It is such acts on the part of individuals that touch the hearts of these employees who are working really hard and with lots of love for their patients for them to recover and come out of the hospital in a better state. It is sad that not everyone makes it, but we are happy that you have made your recovery,” said Mrs Cécile.

“It is important for us to appreciate all workers, at whichever level because it is not just the doctors and nurses but all the support staff who are essential for continuity of care. Thank you very much,” she stated, addressing Mr Toule-Thilatier.

Dr Louange also thanked Mr Toule-Thilatier for the kind donation and recognising those workers who are often overlooked.

On his part, Mr Toule-Thilatier encouraged others to opt for the vaccines against Covid-19, as it is the responsible thing to do, and to help protect more vulnerable groups within the population.

“The most important thing we can do is to take our vaccines and to do so while it is still accessible and free to us. Many around the world are fighting to get their hands on vaccines to protect themselves, so we should seize the opportunity,” Mr Toule-Thilatier added.

With regards to what motivated him to make the donation, Mr Toule-Thilatier recounted how he had contracted Covid-19 with severe symptoms, and was admitted for four days and was undergoing treatment at the Persévérance Family Hospital. Once he had recovered, he wanted to express his gratitude to the employees at the facility, who in one way or another helped him on his road to recovery.


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