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Karting: Penlac comes to the rescue….yet again |26 June 2021

Karting: Penlac comes to the rescue….yet again

The presentation ceremony

The Seychelles Karting Association this week received a generous donation of paints after they made a request to the Penlac chief executive Gafoor Yakub, to maintain and brighten up their racing circuit at Roche Caïman.

With restrictions still in force for all sporting activities in Seychelles, the Seychelles Karting Association (SKA) has been concerned regarding the condition of its circuit which has not been in use since November last year, where most of the lanes and lines on the track have faded, with their kerbs looking dull. So, the SKA felt that something had to be done before they all fade out completely.

The donation of paint products were presented by Lynden Gabriel, head of sales at Penlac to SKA vice-chairman Dave Rene, at the company’s sales depot at Le Rocher.

Mr Rene said that “Penlac has been a staunch supporter of karting over the past years, and it has come in again to assist even now, even though these are tough economic times that most people and businesses are going through.”

He added that the SKA would like to thank Penlac, in particular its chairman and managing director Gafoor Yakub, for their kind assistance. He hopes this gesture will provide an uplifting setting for the members of the association when they all return to racing soon.

During the past four months of inactivity due to the restrictions, the SKA has kept itself occupied completing a few projects such as releasing three new karting regulation booklets, namely the Kart Technical Regulations, the Sporting Regulation and the Supplementary Regulations which contain all the laws controlling karting in Seychelles; in other words, the A to Z of rules and regulations.

Apart from the association’s monthly virtual committee meetings, a course for operating the association’s electronic timing system has been held in order to increase the number of personnel who can operate the system which will soon be used for all the categories. Officiating courses have had to be paused as they require practical and physical presence to organise.

In the meantime, the SKA is patiently waiting for the green light from the relevant authorities in order to start their 2021 championship season, and has planned to run its first event on the first weekend once the approval has been given.










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