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Commander-in-Chief hands over updated defence policy to high ranking SPDF officers |26 July 2019

Commander-in-Chief hands over updated defence policy to high ranking SPDF officers

President Faure hands over a copy of the policy to Col. Roseline

Copies of an updated and modern defence policy which better and clearly identifies and defines present day and possible future national security threats have been officially handed over to high ranking defence forces officers.

President Danny Faure, in his capacity as the Commander-in-Chief of the Seychelles People’s Defence Forces (SPDF), yesterday morning handed over the document to the chief of Defence Forces Colonel Clifford Roseline and other high-ranking officers during a short ceremony at the Seychelles Defence Academy at Ile Perseverance.

Addressing everyone gathered to witness the event, the SPDF Chief of Staff Colonel Michael Rosette said the SPDF has updated and elaborated its policy to better meet the needs and demands of present day realities.

“Security today not only covers the traditional external and internal threats but also modern day challenges which directly threaten economic, energy and information security as well. Military forces of today are as intertwined in every aspect of national security,” he stated.

He pointed out that Seychelles faces challenges which are unique because of its geographical location and distribution of landmass. While our vast exclusive economic zone gives us opportunity to pursue our goals of Blue Economy, it also throws at us challenges of piracy, illegal fishing and drug trafficking. Sea lanes of communication have to be kept open because of our dependence on import.

He noted that while we may not have active hostilities, we cannot afford to put our guard down against modern day threats.

“The defence policy document has been prepared keeping in mind the environmental realities that exist. It has taken into consideration all conventional and non-conventional security threats affecting Seychelles directly and indirectly besides considering maritime domain,” said Colonel Rosette.

He went on to note that the SPDF defence policy is not the policy of the military alone but is part of the national effort in conjunction with the Seychelles government and other government agencies dealing with security issues.

“This document lays down security challenges for which SPDF will prepare itself while confining itself to the constitution. It also gives a direction to equipping and training our defence forces,” he added.

Furthermore he pointed out that the defence policy is an open document available for everyone so that there are no speculations on role, functioning and utility of the SPDF. It will also enable the common citizens to grasp the national security challenges and how their military is designed to meet the same, thereby instilling confidence and pride.

The policy will soon be available on the SPDF website.

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