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In the Supreme Court |15 June 2021

Shawn Julie gets 14 years for human trafficking and possession of explicit photos


Shawn Julie has been convicted on his own guilty pleas to 37 counts of human trafficking and will serve a total of 14 years behind bars.

Judge Gustave Dodin read out the judgment against Julie on June 11, 2021 in the Supreme Court.

Represented by lawyer Daniel Cesar, Julie pleaded guilty to 37 counts mostly under sections 152 and 284 of the Penal Code and section 4 (1) read with section 3 (1) (e) and (f) of the Prohibition of trafficking in Persons Act, 2014 (Act 9 of 2014) read with Section 22 (a) of the Penal Code.

Of the many charges against him, Julie was found guilty of recruiting, harbouring, transferring and receiving girls aged as young as 14 years old, and having in his possession indecent materials, namely nude and sexually explicit photographs and videos of the girls for the purpose of trade, public exhibition and distribution.

He was into the business of making, producing indecent materials and hiring persons. He also promised his victims money up to R75,000.

Aged 21 now, Julie was between 17 and 20 years old when he committed these offences. Julie pleaded guilty and his lawyer submitted that he does realise that what he was involved in was bad and is very remorseful.

In presenting his judgment, Jude Dodin said he recognises that the convict is young and a chance for him to lead an honest and fruitful life lies ahead of him.

“He has not wasted the court’s time by pleading guilty and expressed his remorse.

“On the other hand, I note that the convict is serving a sentence for similar offences committed during the same period that the current offences were committed. I also must take into account that the persons affected were minors albeit above the age of 15. It was not just one child but several children as the charges reflect. These children needed the protection of society and not exploitation for self-gratification or for enrichment by immoral and irresponsible adults.”

Julie received seven years for one count, six years for four counts and 12 years for 10 counts which shall run concurrently with each other, meaning 12 years in total. He was also sentenced to 2 years for 22 counts which shall run concurrently with each other (two years total) but consecutive to the 12 years imposed for the 15 counts. He will spend 12 years in jail followed by another two, amounting to 14 years in total. Time spent on remand will be counted as part of the sentence.

Julie can appeal the sentences within 30 working days.


Compiled by Gerard Govinden

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