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World Blood Donor Day |15 June 2021

‘Giving blood is a life-saving act of solidarity’


“Giving blood is a life-saving act of solidarity and it begins with each one of us,” the Ministry of Health has said.

This comes in a message from the ministry on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day celebrated yesterday. June 14.

The full text of the message reads:

“World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14 each year. The aim of this commemoration is to raise the awareness of individuals, families and communities globally, nationally and locally on the need for safe blood and blood products for transfusion and on the critical contribution voluntary, unpaid blood donors make to national health systems across the world.

“The slogan for this year is ‘Give blood and keep the world beating’. The message highlights the essential contribution blood donors make to keeping the world pulsating, by saving lives and improving health. It reinforces the global call for more people to donate blood regularly and contribute to better health. A special focus of this year’s awareness campaign is the role of young people in ensuring safe blood supply.

“Despite limited mobility and other challenges, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many blood donors in Seychelles have continued to donate. With much effort, we have managed to meet the demand of patients needing blood. This extraordinary feat during a time of unprecedented crisis highlights the crucial role of a well-organised, committed voluntary, non-remunerated blood

donation system in ensuring a safe and sufficient blood supply during normal and emergency times.

“On behalf of the entire country and on behalf of the many children, men and women who have benefitted from blood donation, the Ministry of Health expresses sincere gratitude to all those who give blood voluntarily and regularly.

“Private and public organisations, such as non-governmental organisations, telecommunication companies, banks, parastatal companies, government ministries, schools and hotels in Seychelles that have collaborated with the ministry in organising blood drives, deserve special mentions.

“The Ministry of Health appeals to everyone who can, to become a regular blood donor. Giving blood is a life-saving act of solidarity and it begins with each one of us.”


Press release from the Ministry of Health

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