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Red Cross Seychelles rewards blood donors |15 June 2021

Red Cross Seychelles rewards blood donors

The four donors in a souvenir photograph with Red Cross officials

Every year, World Blood Donor Day is observed on June 14 to raise awareness about the need to donate blood regularly to increase the availability of safe blood and its products for patients in need. This day is also an occasion to thank donors who volunteer to donate the life-saving gift of blood. This also acts as an encouragement for others who are otherwise hesitant to volunteer in the noble cause.

To mark the occasion the Red Cross Society of Seychelles has recognised four volunteers who donate blood regularly. This was done in a small ceremony at its office yesterday morning.

One of the donors, Harry Dingwall, said: “Thinking of all the sick people every day who need a blood transfusion and it's not always easy to find someone for donation, so I told myself that I had to make that step and start giving blood, until now I'm still giving blood every three months at the blood transfusion unit.”

Every three months, Mr Dingwall donates one pint of blood and over the course of 30 plus years has donated over 100 pints of blood

“I will advise anyone who is in good health to make an effort and give blood. You never know when it will be your turn or that of a member of your family to be in need of it,” Mr Dingwall noted.

He continued by saying that all Seychellois should feel that it is their responsibility to give blood.

“As a nation, we should all give a hand, engage our communities, our families, work colleagues to come forward to donate blood. Let us become a nation committed to voluntary unpaid blood donation,” Mr Dingwall said.

Three other donors were also awarded during the ceremony. They are Jednick Francourt, who has been a member of RCSS for 19 years and has been donating blood regularly for 13 years; Dylan Bastienne, member of RCSS for 15 years and blood donor for 9 years; and Julionio Nourrice, RCSS member for 12 years and blood donor for 6 years.

While accepting his award, Mr Nourrice, who is a police officer by profession, said that more young people should step forward and start donating blood as it can save a life.

To be eligible to give blood, donors must be fit and healthy, must not have travelled overseas three months prior, must not be following any medical treatment, and must wait until one year after getting a tattoo.

Marie-May Esparon, secretary general of RCSS, said that recently the number of people donating blood has gone down as not many are willing to do so.

However, she stated that they are in the process of revamping the programme by putting more focus on the youths and encouraging them to donate blood as well as establishing a programme with organisations who will encourage their employees to donate.

On his part the President of RCSS, Kishnan Tamatave, thanked people who have donated and encouraged more to follow suit, adding that giving blood is a self rewarding gesture as you are giving someone the possibility to continue on the journey of life.

“Blood donors contribute greatly to the blood bank, so give blood and keep the world beating,” he concluded.


Christophe Zialor

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