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‘This is not a laughing matter’ – Stand Up, Step Up Seychelles |25 May 2021

“A video showing the indecent actions of two minor boys have been making the rounds on social media and have sparked comments from many condemning the actions and requesting for justice for both victims.

“As an association, we condemn such actions and we join the whole of the country’s outcry to request that justice be served on those responsible. We would like to make an appeal to those sharing the video to PLEASE STOP. The protection of our children is enshrined in our constitution and it is the responsibility of the Seychelles Police Force to track down the person or persons responsible for initially posting this video and to take actions against them.

“Let us consider the victims who are clearly those two young boys and think about the psychological and social effects of our actions on them. As a result the social services will have the burden of providing adequate mental support via counselling to these two children who are being bullied on social media and chances are that they will be bullied in the future.

“The association is again appealing to anyone in possession of the video to stop sharing it and distance themselves from entertaining this immoral act.”


Trevor Louise (Mr)


Stand Up, Step Up Seychelles

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