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Dental care: Tooth discolouration: causes, prevention and treatment |24 May 2021

Dental care: Tooth discolouration: causes, prevention and treatment

Image source: TC Dental Tours

Many people opt for teeth whitening procedures to treat tooth discolouration and stains, but with so many products and procedures available, there remains a lot of confusion as to which are the safest and most effective methods for both prevention and treatment.

In the following interview, Stefano Rosso, owner and director of ITALDENT dental clinic in Seychelles, shares with us his knowledge about tooth discolouration and stains, as well as his advice to the local population to keep our teeth white and healthy.


Seychelles NATION: Tell us about the different types of tooth discolouration and stains, and about their main causes.

Stefano Rosso: There are different types of stains on the teeth; there are congenital spots that were formed with the genesis of the teeth, there are also stains due to dirt and time, and finally, there are spots due to carious lesions. Normally tooth stains do not indicate any more serious systemic pathology.

The first are due, in most cases, to the use of certain drugs such as Tetracyclines (a type of antibiotic) taken in childhood when the teeth were in formation. Sometimes even excess fluoride in drinking water can create stains in the dentin, but be careful because fluoride in dosages of 1mg / litre is favourable to the teeth, while on the other hand, overdoses can create problems.

There has been much discussion about fluoride, as even at correct dosages, although it is positive in the mineralization of the teeth, it is still a toxic substance for the body. So, while a few years ago fluoride was recommended, now the trend is to stop taking it.

The second type of stains are those that come out over time. In this regard, there are some foods and some habits that favour the dark colour of the teeth.

Among these, the constant intake of tea and coffee can be one of the causes. Smoking in general (cigarettes, cigars ...) is certainly even more so. Even worse is the use of drugs such as smoked heroin, which in addition to staining the teeth corrodes them irreversibly. Unfortunately, this problem is quite common in the Seychelles.


Seychelles NATION: There seems to be many products and procedures to whiten the teeth and reduce the appearance of stains. In your opinion, which ones are safe and effective, and what is your advice for preventing tooth discoloration and stains?

Stefano Rosso: The best way to keep teeth white and healthy is to brush them very often, even more times a day.



In addition, it is advisable to periodically go to the dentist for professional cleaning, at least once or twice a year.

Finally, there are some whitening procedures that the dentist can do using specific whitening products, among which components there are hydrogen peroxide H2O2 and a special lamp. These procedures are quite effective and can be repeated annually. However, I don't recommend using them too often because if they are repeated more than once a year, they can be corrosive.

If the stains are due to caries, the solution is to make aesthetic fillings. In the case of very extensive carious lesions, it will be necessary to resort to aesthetic porcelain veneers or zirconium crowns, equally beautiful and functional.

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