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Prism Digital launches e-commerce website for Fisherman’s Cove |20 May 2021

Prism Digital launches e-commerce website for Fisherman’s Cove

Sunset view as seen from Fisherman’s Cove

Prism Digital, a Web Design Agency in Dubai, has won the project to design an e-commerce website for Fisherman’s Cove, a property in Seychelles managed by STORY Hospitality.

The website was recently launched to the public last month and it has been ranking #1 on google search for more than 30 keywords since its launch this month.

The website is built as a Progressive Web Apps (PWA) in Laravel, which is an open-source MVC framework and custom-built PWA solution that provides Hotels with API connects to their preferred property management systems.

A PWA website enables a hotel to provide a seamless mobile booking experience for their customers and increases conversions and booking on the site by over 80%.

Since 90% of all the searches for hotel rooms across the world  are initiated and executed on mobile phones, it is very important for hotels to provide a seamless integration with mobile to reduce their dependency on OTA and increase the number of bookings on their own site.

Having a PWA website greatly increases your Online ranking on Google and hotels that have moved to a PWA website have seen their search results (SERPs) grow by over 80% in a few months.

Around the globe, many brands have adopted a similar kind of framework, like Uber, Trivago, Ola, Wego, Makemytrip, Jumia Travel, to name a few.

Speaking about the website launch, Rafael García Aguado, vice-president of marketing & communications for STORY HOSPITALITY,commented: “Prism Digital has created an amazing website for Fisherman’s Cove. They delivered the project on schedule and within budget. The website performs perfectly well even with the lowest of internet speeds. Our SEO Ranking has grown by 80% in just under a month and we already have first page ranking on more than 50 keywords… the results are absolutely fantastic .”

“We selected Prism after a comprehensive pitch process and by looking at their expertise in the hospitality industry, we are sure that the unique strategic approach will unlock new opportunities for us and we aim at collectively achieving scale and growth. We are looking forward to the long-term partnership with Prism,” he added.

Lovetto Nazareth, managing director of Prism Digital,said: “STORY Hospitality is a worldwide powerhouse brand of the most glamorous industry. Our analytical and innovative approach is sure to drive the desired outcomes for the brand. We now have an amazing case study to prove to the hotel industry that having a PWA online booking website can dramatically increase their conversions and grow a hotel room booking numbers exponentially.”

The Fisherman’s Cove website is built using React JS and Laravel Framework with the latest technology and API integrations to encourage onsite sales with an integrated third-party payment gateway. The web content is search engine optimized to rank the website on top pages in search engines. The mobile responsive website is built on the principle of user-friendliness and is much easier to navigate. The completely PWA website was rolled out in 45 days since the project started and currently ranks A on GT Metrix. And scores a near perfect score on all google website performance tests.




Photo credits: Prism Digital






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